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equipped facilities and qualified engineers to offer quality, cost effective and faster delivery of Instrumentation & Process Control Equipments, Ex-Proof Enclosures, Local Control Panels, Junction Boxes and Sheet Metal Fabrications, Solar Power Systems, under single platform.


KLEEV USA INC. design manufacture and supply world class instruments and as a leading manufacturer of Instrumentation & Process Control Equipment’s for use in a broad range of industries like Oil & Gas, Refineries, Petro-Chemical , Water waste water, HVAC etc. KLEEV products feature an ever-expanding Instruments to stand for quality and reliability. The relationships with our customers allow us to develop products on market demand and keep moving successfully to being a leading established brand.

Our Divisions


Panel integration

Solar Power Solutions

Sheet Metal fabrications

Industrial Valves


Junction Boxes

Go Green Initiatives

We're passionate about preserving the environment for future generations. Through our "Go Green" initiatives, we actively promote eco-friendly practices such as waste reduction, recycling, and sustainable sourcing. Every action we take, no matter how small, contributes to a healthier planet.

Harnessing Solar Power

KLEEV is stepping ahead in renewable energy, contributing to the society and environment by mitigating the carbon foot print. Fossil fuels are becoming increasingly more expensive as they are gradually depleted. Every solar power system we install decrease the amount of fossil fuels needed to generate electricity, which in turn reduces the pollutants contributing to global warming.

Community Engagement

We believe in the power of community. Through partnerships with local organizations and outreach programs, we're actively involved in creating awareness about environmental issues and inspiring others to take action. Together, we can drive meaningful change and build a more sustainable world.

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